Maintenance, Installation, Repair and Modifications to all Essential Building Safety Services

Routine Service of Fire Protection Systems & Equipment


Australian Standard AS 1851-2012


Routine service of fire protection systems and equipment sets out the monthly, six-monthly and twelve-monthly servicing routine of fire protection systems and equipment to ensure the reliability, integrity, functionality and performance of these measures.

The outcome is to demonstrate that the fire systems and equipment installed in a building are achieving a standard of performance to which they were designed.


Provision of Emergency Management Training


The provision of emergency management training is both a requirement of the Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011 (r43) and Australian Standard AS 3745 Planning for emergencies in facilities.   


Having provided emergency management training for many years Muzcorp Fire & Emergency is well acquainted with not only the statutory compliance requirements but what is required at the operational level to ensure an organisation can implement their emergency management plans in a highly effective manner.


We also understand the necessity to provide an audit trail with respect to an organisation’s emergency management training program. 

Muzcorp Fire & Emergency provide detailed reports on all training it provides and on the results of all evacuation drills conducted and where appropriate identifies areas for further or continuous improvement.